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Logística Arrendamiento DMT is a Mexican company highly specialized in logistics and warehousing in various sectors such as automotive, agrochemical and chemical.

We have a highly reliable SERVICE in the control of inventories and agile response times. Having as main benefit the total adaptation to the requirements of the clients, attending them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  •    Supply Chain Management.

  •    Outsourcing of Services.

  •    Traditional Storage and Dedicated Warehouse.

  •    Multicliente Warehouse and Advanced Warehouse.

  •    Distribution.

  •    National and International Land Transportation.

  •    Reverse logistics.


We have

Own infrastructure with the ability to provide services under DEDICATED or MULTICLIENT scheme, having standardized work methods and certified by various international standards and a highly trained team, which guarantee the maximum efficiency and reliability of inventories as well as exceptional care of products and merchandise from each of our valued customers.


In order to guarantee the highest level of inventory reliability, we carry out daily, weekly and monthly cyclical inventories. In addition to this we have our own software (WMS) for the control and management of inventories.


We have several strategic alliances, one of them with “Enlaces Terrestres C&C”,through which we provide specialized ground transportation services. 


We provide services to the entire industry and we specialize in the automotive sector.

We ensure that the materials meet with the requirements established by our clients at the time of joining their production lines.


We can provide the service under the DEDICATED or MULTICLIENT schemes, giving them accommodation either in a rack or floor system, according to the requirements or needs of each client and product.


Your merchandise is safe with us, through the implementation of the standards required by the C-TPAT and OEA Certification. 

The supervision of the facilities and the merchandise is constant (24/7 365 days a year).


We have certifications to guarantee high quality standards in our processes and in this way guarantee excellence in our services.
ISO 9001-2015


Reverse logistics

We collect your returnable packaging, we as well support the return of excess inventory, customer returns, obsolete products and seasonal inventories.

Smart logistics solutions

Our infrastructure, processes and equipment allow us to provide intelligent solutions to each of your requirements and needs, thus helping you to focus your resources and time in your main activity, leaving in our hands your logistics operations.

Continuous improvement

We seek to improve through satisfaction surveys and internal quality audits to provide the best service to our customers.

Specialized vehicles

Our subsidiary "Enlaces Terrestres C&C" has a large specialized fleet that allows us to adapt perfectly to the needs and requirements of each of our customers: torton, trailer, dry box (40, 48 and 53ft), truck of 5, 3.5 and 1.5 tons and auto-tanks from 24,000 to 42,000 liters.

3PL DMT Services

  • Increase profits

    With DMT 3PL services you can logistically increase the net profits of your company in an efficient and effective way, with a greater degree of responsibility for logistics operations.

  • Control over logistics operations

    Through our operations control standards we achieve an adequate management of the logistics processes and the most relevant activities, resulting in an optimal service, delivering to the client in a stipulated time and place.

  • Reduce capital investment.

    Eliminating the expense of the OVERHEAD indirect structure and reducing your storage costs, sharing space, labor, equipment, transportation and information technology within our multiclient storage scheme.

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Learn in more detail how our intelligent logistics solutions will help you have better control, support, management to store, transport, collect your goods safely and efficiently, find out why DMT is the best solution for your company.

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  • César

    Service, professionalism and most important ... Human treatment! Excellent company and a great team, always very efficient focused on good service and timely attention to your requirements. Widely recommended.

  • Luis Fernando Gómez

    In DMT definitely have excellent facilities, the staff trained to meet any of your needs and the necessary experience to provide the service, are professionals both in their treatment of the client and their processes. It is a pleasure to do business with them, it was one of those strange situations where you know that you found a partner that shares your same values, passion for work and your business.

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Our comittment is to increase our clients expectations providing an efficient, customized, transparent, trustable, safe service, continously improving and innovating our processes with an environment and with adequate prices for each of our clients.

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